Discovering Dulux Trade
Wed 26th January - 10am

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This session will examine the range of products within the Dulux Trade portfolio (excluding the specialist range). We’ll Look at where products are best used and the coating systems these involve, providing you with the information to confidently specify products for use in the commercial and domestic settings

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Interiors: Filler selection
Wed 26th January - 6pm

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A look at the go-to polycell trade products that will make filling interior surfaces easier. Looking at powder versus ready mixed and at the properties of the different filler ranges

ColourFutures™ 2022
Fri 28th January - 10am

Gift Voucher £30.00

We're excited to present to you AkzoNobel's new Colour of the Year 2022.

Find out how we came to choose this colour along with it's supporting palettes and how we name our colours.

Every attendee will receive a Colour of the Year 2022 book. 



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The science bit: What is paint?
Fri 28th January - 2pm

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A look at the main ingredients that go into making a quality paint and how the balance of those ingerdients determines the difference between a primer, emulsion and gloss.

Designing for Dementia
Mon 31st January - 6pm

Gift Voucher £30.00

Gain an understanding of why colour and other design considerations are beneficial for people living with dementia in their home or care residence.