First Aid at Work (level 3)

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First Aid at Work (level 3)

In accoradance with Appendix 6 H&S (First-Aid) regulations 1981 this course covers:

The role of the first aider, Importance of preventing cross infection, the need for recording incidents and actions, Use of available equipment, Assessing the situation & act safely in an emergenc, Administer Cardio-Pumonary Resucitation, Safe use of an Automated External Defibrillator, Administer First-Aid to a casualt who is: Unconscious (including seizures) / choking, wounded or bleeding, suffering from shock. Provide appropriate First-Aid for minor injuries (small cuts, grazes, bruises, minor burns, scalds and small splinters)

In accordance with Appendix 5 H&S (First-Aid) regulations 1981

Administer First-Aid to a casualty with: Injuries to bones, muscles and joints, Suspected spinal injuries, chest injuries, burns & scalds, eye injuries, sudden poisoning, anaphylactic shock. Recognise the presence of major illness and provide appropriate First-Aid (including heart attack, stroke, epilepsy, asthma and diabetes)

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