Discover the 2019 Colour of the Year

If you want to impress your customers with your knowledge of the current colour trends, Dulux can help.

Every year, experts from around the world get together and identify the on-trend colour palettes for the upcoming twelve months. They also select one colour which best reflects the global mood.

The 2019 Dulux Colour of the Year is Spiced Honey, a warm amber tone that captures the optimism and confidence of a deep ochre: a colour that is stimulating and known to lift spirits. 

AkzoNobel Creative Director Heleen van Gent says: “For 2019, Spiced Honey is the stand-out shade that perfectly captures the mood of the moment, developed for our customers’ sense of awakening and new fresh mood.”

Four helpful colour palettes which you can use with your customers

To complement the 2019 Colour of the Year, four brand-new colour palettes have been developed.


These palettes are designed to be adapted for the mood and space that your customers are trying to create. If you want a positive but calm space, then the warm neutrals of the ‘Think’ palette are perfect. The ‘Love’ palette creates spaces that bring people together, while the energetic colours of the ‘Act’ palette create positive and dynamic environments.

Using palettes featuring the Colour of the Year demonstrates to your customers that you’re at the cutting edge of design trends. You can advise them on colour combinations that work well, both for commercial and residential projects.

Helene adds: “We create these palettes to make it easier for you to create the perfect environment for your customers or to use as inspiration for palettes of your own.”

You can find more information about Spiced Honey and the 2019 Colour of the Year palettes in our essential guide. Download your copy now and help your customers to transform their spaces using this year’s colour trends.


Download your 2019 Colour of the Year guide and colour palettes