New year, new workwear gear

If you’re working as any type of painter or decorator, then it’s important to always protect yourself. Workwear no longer means ‘old clothing’, and now Dulux has launched a brand-new range of high-quality gear for both men and women.

The range supports all your needs, and includes:

·         Personal protective equipment – everything you need to stay safe on the job, including safety glasses, gloves, hi-vis vests, coveralls, respirators, goggles, kneepads and safety helmets

·         Trousers – choose from a range of decorator trousers. These hardwearing, modern tradesmen trousers are both comfortable and efficient, with a unique pocket system that makes them right for every job

·         Bib and brace – tough bibs with a generous main pouch for your papering brushes and essential tools

·         Accessories – including functional and modern bags and pockets.

You can find the full workwear range online or at one of our Dulux Decorator Centres across the UK. As well as our own-branded Dulux products, you’ll also find high-quality gear from trusted brands including Ox Tools and Dexters.

If you need any protective or safety gear, or you simply need some new decorator workwear, you’ll find it at your local Dulux Decorator Centre.

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