Spray Introduction

£150 + VAT

1 Day

Spray Introduction

Had a excellent day at the Dulux Academy on the intro to spraying course. From the moment I arrived till we left in the evening I was learning something new



This course will...

- Develop your understanding of the setting up of spray machines including suitable tips/filters and maintenance.

- Highlight potential safety issues when working with spray equipment.

- Provide you with tips and techniques for masking and spraying

- Provide you with the information necessary to enable you to make an informed decision when chosing equipment for your project

For you if...

 you are new to using this application method or just need a knowledge refresh.

Wed 29th January

Tue 19th November
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Wed 4th December
Fri 3rd January
Thu 30th January

Wed 4th March

Wed 15th January

Wed 1st April
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